Are you struggling to hire in-house software developers?

Why not try and build a team with KMX Software. Providing high-quality Software Engineers is our key to success, our Software Teams are always built with unique client preferences and a guarantee of successful delivery.

What is an Extended Team Model?

Full in house Software Team is great, but it’s expensive and the hiring process many times is a challenge. On the other side, having a fully outsourced team, many times just doesn’t work as expected. The solution to these 2 problems is the ETM, Extended Team Model, where you can keep a part of your team in-house and join it with outsourced team members. This model brings a lot of benefits, as it eliminates costs and many issues that come with fully outsourced teams.

The 2020 pandemic made the Extended Team Model an Ideal Solution

Slide the Covid pandemic, the remote work got very common across the whole technology industry. Nearly all the Software Engineers are working remotely these days. This is the key element of the Extended Team Model and because the remote work is now so common, it makes this solution a great alternative to a fully in-house Software team. More than likely the office work will never get back to what it was before the pandemic, many companies see how remote work can be efficient and do not think of going back into full in-office work. The ET model is a great alternative and if built properly can become a real boost to the company's growth, mainly because of the flexibility and scalability.

ETM is to complement not to substitute

The main purpose of the ET Model is aimed at complementing an in-house team, but not substituting it. It is supposed to fill in the skill gaps of your main team. The Extended Team is a long team term relationship, it does not work on a project to project basis and it is not disbanded after the project is over. The team members can collaborate with the in-house employees and build a strong relationship, which eventually leads to a good atmosphere, high quality and performance.


What can we offer?

Extended Team filled in with industry professionals that can do:


Product Maintenance


New Features Development


Technology Consultation


AdHoc Project Delivery


High-quality Software Development