Games Reviews – Website Re-development

Games Reviews is our long term client. Recently they came to us to re-develop the site with a new fresh design, some extra functionalities and WordPress CMS. The project is currently in progress and we are looking forward to publishing the new website layout.

The first website was coded by our Senior Software Engineer Karol Mroszczyk in 2012. The website is equipped with many custom modules including the review engine, review structures, statistics and more. Since then Games Reviews is growing with a number of visitors and popularity across the gaming industry.

The 2012 design is a bit outdated these days and Games Reviews decided to re-do the site with a fresh and light design. The website will stay on WordPress CMS, but will be rewritten in such a way to implement new ideas and a fresh-looking layout.

About Games Reviews

Games Reviews was founded in 2012 by 3 individuals: Karol Mroszczyk, Marcin Nowicki, Łukasz Nowicki. The goal was to provide a really good website about the gaming industry, for gamers by gamers. Currently, the site is driven by Marcin Nowicki and a couple of really good game reviewers. The site brings thousands of traffic each day, mainly from the US, but not only.

Since the pandemic, is receiving increased traffics every day. Many young people sit at home and use their time to play games and read about the gaming industry. This is a great opportunity for Games Reviews to improve their website and user experience and KMX will help to achieve that.

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