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We are a software development company based in Poland. Providing services to Ireland, UK & US.

“An ambitious product roadmap will get your company performance to the highest levels, but don’t forget to hire people that will make it possible!”



Every project is important to us! Below you can find our recent case studies and some feedback from our clients.


Extended Team Model for              Time Data Security

TDS has approached KMX Software at the beginning of 2021 to build a software tam using the ET Model. The requirements were to provide Senior Engineers with a minimum of 5 years of experience in the industry.

Cloud9Insight Website                  Development using                        WordPress CMS

Cloud9Insight approached KMX Software in March 2021 looking for a website re-development using new fresh design.

Game Reviews Website                  Development

Games Reviews is our long term client. Recently they came to us to re-develop the site with a new fresh design, some extra functionalities and WordPress CMS. The project is currently in progress and we are looking forward to publish the new website layout.


Extended Team Model

What is Extended Team Model?

Full in house Software Team is great, but it’s expensive and hiring process many times is a challenge. On the other side we have fully outsource team, when many times it just doesn’t work as expected. The solution to these 2 problems is the ETM, Extended Team Model, where you can keep a part of your team in-house and join it with outsourced team members. This model brings a lot of benefits, as it eliminates costs and many issues that comes with fully outsourced teams.

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Adhoc Projects

Adhoc Projects

KMX Software specializes in custom project delivery. If you require a website development, or custom CRM system, integration or you have any other software related project, we can help you! Our team is available to consult the technology stack and help you decide the route of your project delivery.

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Quality of Delivery

KMX Software cares about the quality and this is why each project we do is treated separately with attention to details. It’s important for us to make sure both sides, the client and KMX understands the specification and agree on deliveries. We take the above rules of 3 items seriously, but we also believe that there is a way to balance between all of them. It’s a matter of experience in managing projects, managing risk and proper estimation.

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Outsouricing IT Q&A

What Outsourcing IT actually means?

Outsourcing IT is a way of delegating work outside of your company to safe time, money and use model that can be scaled for the current needs.

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